About Straton-Eng Oil & Gas

Energy Innovation

But decades of dependable energy supply is only a part of our story. Our operational expertise is underpinned by engineering know-how applied across many disciplines to advance our energy and industrial ecosystems, and drive innovation and growth. From our first oil flows from the Dammam Well No.7 in the 1930s, through to our research and development of lower-carbon fuels and chemicals today, Aramco has been a pioneer in the use of applied technologies to meet our customers’ needs.

Whether it’s developing ultra-efficient engines and world-leading ‘smart facilities’, designing boundary-pushing virtual tools and robotics, or manufacturing next-generation materials, we seek to bring the benefits of our global research network to bear not just on our own industry, but wherever they could potentially make a positive impact.

Our expansion continued in 1994 when we acquired a 40% interest in Petron Corporation, the largest crude oil refiner and marketer in the Philippines. And then again in 1996, when we made several more overseas investments in Europe by purchasing 50% in privately held Greek refiner Motor Oil (Hellas) Corinth Refineries S.A., and its marketing affiliate, Avinoil Industrial Commercial and Maritime Oil Company, S.A.

With many ways of delivering value from a barrel of oil — including nonmetallic and crude-to-chemicals products — we moved beyond traditional markets and uses for oil and gas. We also invested in new solutions to achieve more efficient production and consumption of our energy products, including enhancing the performance and lowering the emissions of transportation with the development of new high-performance engine and fuel technologies.